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Contact us for more details if you would like to join Team Accolaid to take part in the DUEL 500 turbo endurance challenge!

If you wish to fundraise at this event, we are encouraging support for start-up charity 'Accolaid' (Adventure & challenge event competitor's organisation providing legacy & aid). Over 45 fatalities of UK citizens have occurred in swimming, cycling, running or challenge events since 2010.

Accolaid aims to tackle the financial, mental and physical issues resulting from bereavement or serious injury of challenge event participants as well as addressing the causes head-on, with the aim of reducing the number of incidents through better understanding, awareness and prevention. 

It has been created to be pro-active in confronting these issues whilst promoting the overwhelming health and wellbeing benefits from taking part in challenge events.​

  • Although the number of fatalities is small compared with the total number of challenge events participants, one incident of fatality is one too many. Accolaid aims to reduce the number of incidents.

  • Support to event participants or their families in case of a fatality, in the form of funding, counselling and treatment, is currently insufficient. Accolaid aims to provide this and work with event organisers when incidents occur. 

  • Prevention and early detection through pre-event awareness and health assessment need to significantly improve. Accolaid aims to champion this.

  • Research across challenge event incidents is needed to help with prevention. More research is needed to create national statistics. Accolaid is collecting data to develop statistics.

Challenge event participants, their families, event organisers, the relevant sport governing bodies and challenge event industry stakeholders will all benefit.

To find out more about Accolaid please visit their website

However we are also aware that you may have your own charity that is close to your heart and understand that you may wish to fundraise for them.

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